Delta Upsilon Fraternity is constantly looking for volunteer support from alumni, parents, and friends. Whatever amount of support you can lend to the Fraternity, no matter how large or small, makes a great difference.

Listed below are ways in which you can support the Fraternity:

House Corporation Board

Meets quarterly and as needed with the chapter leadership to oversee the financial and operational aspects of the house and the chapter. Contact Todd Tiefenthaler ( 608-217-2525 or Jon Callaway ( 608-513-7596.

DU of Wisconsin Foundation

Meets once annually to discuss Foundation assets and issues involving the chapter and/or the house. Also administers scholarships for undergraduate members. The Foundation is a 501(c)(3) organization that receives tax deductible donations from alumni to support the chapter. Contact Rick James ( 414-587-7974 or Ed Hipke at 262-241-9277.